Writer Zelalem Endeta
The 28-year-old Ethiopian- American woman, Selot Zewdie opened an Ethiopian coffee shop in the most significant Midwest town of Chicago in the Lincoln Park area. The crowning city of Chicago opened last week, where the largest population of Ethiopian people resided in the neighborhood. This business is encouraged by the community.
According to Selot, coffee grown in different parts of the country is of the highest quality in Ethiopia. However, it is of the utmost importance to our country’s farmers, so we can help them obtain produce to gain fair trade profits from their production, as well as a portion of the coffee we sell to our country’s peasants; as she stated.

Many large corporations, such as the Starbucks, sells Ethiopian coffee, but they do not provide the farmers with fair trade options, which I knew from my previous experience as a Starbucks barista. Therefore, the critical question is why don’t our farmers receive fair trade for our country? I’m quite irritated as well. Selot adds in her statement, and the Kenyan and Brazilian-based coffee-producing farmers receive fair trade options for all of their coffee. Why are they getting paid equally by Starbucks? The main reason why she opened Buna Time Cafe is to provide fair trade from the coffee profits. With that said, Ethiopian farmers will receive equal payments which will help our country produce more coffee products.
We are Seriously treating you with single-origin, organic Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffee. Also add Buna time cafe on Instagram and Facebook.
As a result of the opening of such a forum, some commentators reported that the discussion was opened, according to Maleda times media group with some commenters pointing to the Early Time Information Center. The address is 1552 Fullerton Avenue Chicago, 60614. They serve the world’s most extensive selection of Ethiopian coffee, and we will support this young girl by buying all her potential products and supporting our country’s farmers. Let us work together.