Azeb Mesfin, who has had a roof over the global corner of corruption, confessed:
On the Rift Valley, the former Prime Minister of the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, who has managed the Chuango war in Ethiopia,
Azeb Mesfin said yesterday I have no assets left behind in the country I survived my life on by Meles
Pension money. The broadcast of Zemi radio, a state-funded radio broadcasting service in the country.

According to Azeb Mesfin, there are no assets in the country that running by her self or late Meles zenawi, built but related these news most of the foreign media outlets have put in place a detailed list of the amount of money that is being invested in the country.
An example is the farmland of Gambella that has a large square of land, which is the name of listed on the other people who own the name.The main reason for not registering with this person(AZEB) is that she has been planned that not being registered by individuals who are not currently abusing the country.
On the other hand, it is also unnecessary to inform the equality of EFORT in the company because it has been registered as a Tigrayan people.

Evidence suggests that in the last five years, the highest-ranking official in charge of the continuation of the Grand Prix in France after the highest shareholder of France,
The former Meles Zenawi wife has been registered for corruption and has left her wealth abroad, especially in India and Pakistan, as well as in neighboring Niger, according to the Information Centers.
Corruption in the world’s top corruption category is the name of a state-run by Azeb Mesfin, and it is more a matter of sparing the NGO’s organizations and spending their money on the budget than they are being used.