Re-examination of senior government officials was allowed
State Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Alemayehu Gobe, was arrested on suspicion of bribes 500,000 birr. Court approached.

The Federal Police Crime Investigation Team August 6, 2009 Detained at the Federal High Court during the second criminal trial of the Federal High Court, the suspect, TransAsia National Computer Technology Company, The investigating judge explained that the suspect gave a $ 500,000 bribe to the state minister.
According to the suspect, the suspect knew nothing of what happened to them day after day. “I’m a professional. After the completion of the auction, I entered the office. ” August 6, 2009 The court said that they were unaware of their whereabouts and had not been asked for any arrests. They have asked for their right of protection.

One of the first suspects was arrested on suspicion of returning home with his family in the United States, according to the Ethiopian Roads Authority Communications Director, Samson Wondim.

Investigators have been accused of suspected involvement in suspected involvement in the construction of the site. Investigators have been accused of suspicion of suspected involvement in the construction of a controversial project. He pointed out that one contractor said that there was no construction contractor and that they had done a great deal of damage to the public and the government by stating that they were working at their offices.

“What is a serious injury?” What did the Superior Court mean? “The investigating team responded to the inquiry. According to Samson, director of the communications affairs department at the institute, the incident was linked with the 1.3 billion birr damage that has occurred on five road projects, Zeway Wolde Gabriel, the director general of the authority. He had requested five more testimonials on the day of his arrest, claiming that he had five witnesses in Assam and that he had not accepted their offer, studied their wealth, searched for bank records, found bank accounts showing bank transactions.

According to the judge, he was removed from the office by a court in the case that he was convicted by the defense. Other alleged detainees were also arrested in connection with the arrest of 1.3 billion birr. His involvement has been clarified and he has been strongly reinforcing information, he said, adding that searching for evidence is illegal and illegal. A bank statement is available from the government or private institutions and has nothing to do with him and he is the public relation officer, he said. If the media were to pass through media outlets that had been handed over by their officers, they would have been denied the right to be insured, and the lawyer asked them to investigate their case.
The Federal Police Corps team is presenting the second phase of the investigation which is the responsibility of the head of the Addis Ababa City Development Project, Mrs. Tsedale Mamo.

The Director General of the Office, Mr. Shimelis Alemayhu, the Deputy Head of the Office’s Office of Land Management and Infrastructure Design Assistant, Saeb Mekonnen and Yamamang Girma General Contractor, Mr. Myan Girame, At home.

The suspects were given three testimonies that stated that they were doing very well and that the auditor received a copy of the findings of an auditor, receiving a copy of the documents collected from home and places, and collecting bank statements, giving the administration a letter of proof, And 14 voluntary records. The investigator asked for the acceptance of 12 testimonies and the receipt of two auditors’ comments, requesting that information be obtained from the National Intelligence and Inspections Institute, the Prohibition of Bankruptcy, and the Probation of documents sent to the Portsmouth.

The suspects objected to the panel discussion, saying that the incident occurred in 1999. it is. From 2007. Beginning with December, it is a closed record. The investigator does not want to be suspicious of other suspects. Since the last 14 days have been over, the suspects have to finish their case.

Wunna Mukdahun, a lawyer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told The Reporter that eight years had eluded him and that he could not even know the witnesses. All the evidence states that there is no basis for arrest and that the investigating body has indicated only three witnesses within 14 days that it is not working properly. The court explained that problems with family and other lawyers were still ongoing. All suspects have been charged with similar disagreements claiming protection.

The 14-day extra-judicial investigation requested that the suspect be denied proof of bail, the deletion of documents and a lack of work.

The court listened after the left hand side and ordered an order. The court said that the investigation was underway in the case of Tsefah Mamo, but that the investigator did not perform properly, but the court noted that the detainees had been granted extra time ten days. Recognizing the rights set forth in the Constitution repeatedly, the Investigative Team gave an order to submit a report detailing the list of interviewees. Thus, rejecting the claim, on August 18, 2009 Appointment. As Samson’s brother-in-law was granted, he was arrested on August 15, 2009, with his brother, Alemayehu al-Hume, deposited in the possession of Ato Alejandro Gabriel, on August 15, 2009. An alternate appointment was given.