Alliance Ethio-Francaise in collaboration with Alle School of Fine Arts and Design has organized Tobiya Poetic Jazz yesterday, A-B-A-B-A, which was expressed as an experiment with rhythms of poetry, soundings, in-voicing, performing, rehearsing, translating and playing together.

It is the third experimental get-together of poets, musicians and translators, based both in Addis Ababa and Berlin.

This blend of listening, playing and translating is an innovative new form of art which culminated into a poetry night some three years ago. The poetry night featured Mihret Kebede (poet, based in Addis Ababa), Erica Licht (poet, based in Addis Ababa), Robert Lippok (musician, based in Berlin), Bekele Mekonnen (poet, based in Addis Ababa), Nebiy Mekonnen (poet/translator, based in Addis Ababa), Abebaw Melaku (poet, based in Addis Ababa), Rike Scheffler (poet, based in Berlin), Misrak Terefe (poet, based in Addis Ababa), and Moseb Traditional Music Band.

Poetic Jazz promoted by Alliance Ethio-Francaise has recently become popular in some art venues in Addis Ababa and other towns.

Mulatu Astatke, the father of Ethiopian jazz

Ras Kawintseb rocks @ Alliance Ethio-Francaise

Caribbean-born Ras Kawintseb, a Rastafarian reggae artist and language teacher who resides in Shashemene town of the Oromia Regional State some 250 km to the south of the capital, Addis Ababa, played his reggae music with AETIO+FRIKA on Thursday at Alliance Ethio-Francaise.

Since his arrival from Trinidad and Tobago in the 1990’s, Ras Kawintaseb, 56, has lived in Shashemene, where a large number of Rastafarian community has settled since the time of Emperor Hailesilassie I. He became a famous reggae artist and lead guitarist while playing with various bands here in Addis Ababa. He was also featured in The La Fontaine’s (Tadele Roba and Berhanu Tezera) remix of the well-known Amharic song entitled “Kabu” originally sang by the queen of soul Ethiopia – Aster Awoke. The reggae artist then formed and became the lead singer of AETIO+FRIKA, a group which plays both in Shashemene and Addis Ababa, a few years ago together with three men and one woman musicians.

“Time-Sensitive Activity” exhibited @ Gebrekristos Desta Center

Samuel Yirga: A Prodigy Reviving Ethiopian Jazz

The Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson’s first solo exhibition featured works revolving around light, orientation, mirroring, and ephemerality, concepts that have informed his practice for years.

The show also brought together outstanding new works, such as Life of a Planet; Crystal Nebula; Addis Compass; and The Complete Sphere Lamp, a series specifically developed and produced in Ethiopia; with a selection of seminal older works, including Color Space Embracer 2005 and Yellow Corridor, 1997. According to Elizabeth Giorgis (PhD), curator of the Modern Art Museum at Gebrekristos Desta Center, Time-Sensitive Activity offers an insightful glimpse into the physicality of Eliasson’s artworks and their incredible ability to transcend conventional perceptions.

In 2012, Eliasson relocated his Institute for Spatial Experiments, an experimental platform for arts education affiliated with the Berlin University of the Arts, to Addis Ababa for an intense program of artistic exchange and educational collaboration. The ten-week residency culminated in three-day marathon of art events at Jan Meda Park in 2014.

“Women in Resistance” exposition @ Alliance Ethio-Francaise

Marking the International Women’s Day – March 8, Alliance Ethio-Francaise, British Embassy, Embassy of France, Embassy of Sweden, the European Union, Goethe Institute, Prix Albert Londres and Selam Ethiopia will host an exposition entitled “Women in Resistance”.

The exposition will feature the works of renowned French Photojournalist Pierre Yves Ginet. His works are dedicated to the resistance of women in the modern world. His first reports on the struggle of Tibetan nuns from 1998 to 2001, in collaboration with the association of Femmes ici et ailleurs (women here and elsewhere) have forced him to widen his focus to the rest of world. Between 2001 and 2012, he traveled to 22 countries to photograph women who, in their own way, are helping to write modern history.

Whichever from their actions took, their initiatives are all working towards a single goal; a better future for generations to come. The exhibition, which opens on March 7, presents summery of this unique project.